Daniel Futa Is A Fan Of The Fields Of Politics

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The average view of the college student, especially in an area like Southern California, is that they are lazy, prone to saying “dude”, and likely to be wearing sandals or cargo shorts. While this stereotype may have some truth to it, it certainly does not describe Daniel Futa. He is a recent college graduate living in Southern California, but he certainly does not fit the stereotype. He graduated from the University of Southern California, USC, in May of 2010. It was USC’s College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences that awarded Futa with two Bachelor’s degrees, in History and Political Science.

Futa graduated from Colorado Academy in June of 2006 after serving a term as Student Body President. After graduating, Daniel Futa served as an intern at a Los Angeles-based firm called CitiGroup – Smith Barney.

As his dual degrees suggest, Daniel Futa is a fan of the fields of politics and history, he is well-versed in both fields. Daniel Futa was more than just a book worm in college, though, he was the Vice President of Zeta Beta Tau, his fraternity at USC. This is a position of distinction, obviously, but it is not without its responsibilities—Daniel Futa was in charge of scheduling, programming, the day-to-day activities of the fraternity, and he was the second ranking member on the Executive Board.

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